Saturday, August 11, 2007

Idli-vada at Chor Bazaar

I was wandering along Chor Bazaar, when I got hungry. There was nothing around except old gramophone records, movie posters and memorabilia.

Then this guy came along, with his compact little restaurant-on-the-hoof. He didn't speak
much. In fact, he didn't even return my big grin. Once my camera came out though, he softened a bit. Can you see the beginnings of his smile?

I bought two plates of idli-vada. Each came with one soft white idli and one brown vada, heaped with coconut chutney.

To keep the chutney from soaking through, the 'plate' was a square piece of plastic - the outer wrapping of a pack of biscuits. I wonder where he got them from, but it kept the chutney on the plate, where my fingers could get at it easily.

Oh, and he hung around while we ate, waiting to see if we needed second helpings of the chutney.


Unknown said...

this idli-vada is the most tastiest in Bombay... though the idilies are Anacin sized it tastes yummy...

did he allow u guys to play the horn.. the inimitable idli horn which can be recognized anywhere in Bombay :))

Jai said...

brilliant. short, sharp, sweet and now i'm hungry.

Unknown said...

Well,Mumbai has a lot of roadside eats which are by far the best. I wouldnt know if they are prepared in a hygienic manner. Who cares!..I like to eat anything and everything allover Mumbai..Hey,mumbai your vada pavs are still missed by several millions of people who have left you..