Monday, March 30, 2009


- by Deepa Krishnan
Today my daughter went out with friends, to celebrate the end of her 10th Standard CBSE Board exams. For a month now, the exams have ruled our household. But no more! As I write this, we are (...sigh of pleasure here...) reverting to the old ways.

Right now for example, I'm watching television. It's not like we didn't watch TV this past month - but today I'm watching it in a happy mindless sort of way. I don't have to turn down the volume, I don't have to feel guilty about having a good time while my kid is slogging her butt off. Sigh. It's nice, even if there's only some really crappy stuff playing on HBO.

And you know what the other nice thing is? We can order in. Without thinking about upset tummies and food poisoning and missing exams! Yayy for the greasy little pleasures of life!