Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whew. A busy Saturday!

- By Deepa Krishnan

I had a breathlessly busy Saturday. It began with a great lunch at Moshe's in Cuffe Parade, followed by a short visit to Ensemble (my friend was looking for Sabyasachi saree), and then returned home to sleep off the effect of the Chilean red we had. 

Dressed up again - luckily found the high heels I had stashed away somewhere - then off to drinks and starters at Busaba in Lower Parel, and then the Karsh Kale show at Blue Frog, where they were launching a new beer called Indus Pride (brewed with spices). Finally went late night snacking at ITC Maratha (awesome selection from the menus at Peshawari and Dakshin). 

(I've put links to all of the above because otherwise I would be doing too many explanations :) with too many adjectives!)

Anyway - I had to kick off the high heels at some point because I simply couldn't walk another step in them. Walked/limped home barefoot from the car and found the house filled with daughter's friends having a slumber party. 

Stumbled into bed, I was *brain dead* by the time I came home, and this inspite of minimal alcohol consumption. The rest of my partners in crime fared worse, since in their bellies, spice beer sloshed around freely mingling with single malts and tequila shots :) :)

Hooboy. All in all, a very nice oh-so-Mumbai evening! A few photos here:
Moshe's at Cuffe Parade. We ordered too many things to list everything here! Washed down with 2 bottles of wine. Ending with gooey chocolate and ice-cream. Divine. As usual I ordered takeaway (olive tapenade and hummus and lavash and a penne dish).
Busaba at Todi Mill Estate, it was quite packed. Looks like Mumbai loves pan-Asian stuff.
We sat at the Busaba bar for a while, and then at a table. We ordered shitaake mushroom maki rolls, gado gado (Indonesian salad) and grilled chicken satay. What's with the totally stark decor and blank walls at Busaba?
Blue Frog, Indus Pride sponsored show. The guy in the blue trousers is Benny Dayal, who has done a lot of playback singing in Tamil cinema. We tried cinnamon and cardamom flavoured beers. It's not a strong flavour, it's quite nice actually.