Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I love the Ganesh Festival visarjan

- By Deepa Krishnan

Today I went with my camera to get photos of Ganesh Visarjan.

I saw a lot of little things that arrested my attention, and I wondered why, inspite of living here all my life, I hadn't noticed these things earlier.

So this post is going to be a series of photos, titled I LOVE GANESH VISARJAN BECAUSE...

Because coming out to see Visarjan is the beginning of a tradition, grandfather to grandson.

Because only at Visarjan you can see a Mumbai-ki-chokri, dancing in abandon, taking the idol to the sea. When she dances, the world stops!

Because the rain makes the ecstatic drumming even more incredible.

Because the joy is very real - and not necessarily alcohol induced.

Because at some point, you'll always see the women doing fugdi :) :)

Because a little rain (or a lot of it!) doesn't mean a damn. People will line up for hours on the roads to wait and watch the processions.

Because Mumbai's upscale folks also celebrate this festival, they don't turn their noses at it. And it's great fun to go pandal-hopping and gawk at the gorgeous huge idols.

Because there are small family Ganpatis, not just big ones. This family of murtikaars have had a Ganesh in their home for 75 years.

Because there is pride and joy in decorating your own small thela

Because not everyone makes murtis of plaster! This is a clay murti.

Because children always get the best seats in the house :)

Because the shiny toy-sellers come out, and for one evening, Mumbai feels like a Rai Bareilly :)

Because you can hear kids refusing to get off the ferris-wheel even after the ride is over

Because the Mewad Ice-cream Man is not on holiday, and rain or no rain, you can eat ice-cream if you want.

Because basically, you can quite easily ignore the Elephant God and pretty much do your own thing if you want!! :)