Friday, August 24, 2007

Bet you can't name all of these!

Go on! I dare you!


Unknown said...

Tamaraind , without seeds
Green moong, chole, and garbanzo beans
Lal toovar, udad, yello tuvar and channa dal
Methi, dhania
Sunt, Adrak, and miri
pistachio, cardamom in the bottles in the top shelf
its probably gundar in the bottle in the bottom shelf

where's my prize ;)

Deepa said...

You forgot the jeera, nyah-na-nyah-na-nyah-na

Deepa said...

I'm willing to award a consolation prize.

CanisLupus said...


is that jaggery in the corner next to the tamarind ?

I went to the Indian store yesterday, got a 2 pound bag of tuvar dal, put it in the boot and then went swimming. when i went back to home and retrieved the bag out of the boot i saw a bunch of creepies crawling around in the plastic bag. i wonder how this never (rarely??) happens in the kirana stores in India.

Deepa said...

Yeah that's jaggery. In other shops they had it stacked in little mounds.

This is the spice market at Gol Deoul, near Chor Bazaar. The Mumbai Magic Chor Bazaar walk ends at Gol Deoul, so I was with some visitors, we were trying to identify everything that was there. This photo is only one *small* section of all the things in the shop! There must have been about 200 different things.