Friday, September 07, 2007

Blogging from an airplane

Ok, so here I am, on a Jet Airways flight from Bangalore.

They're still boarding, so I have a couple more minutes to type and save this.

Bombay heeeere I come!


leena vash said...

Hi Deepa

Your blogs are very interesting. So is your Mumbai Magic enterprise.

I'm sure you've been to Manori beach (from the express way route). If you are a western suburbs resident and wish to take a rather unique way to reach it...

- get onto the Versova village ferry (can take a two wheeler). the ferry point is at the end of the Versova village, like anywhere else in India, ask the paanwallah and he'll poin you to the right direction.

- get off on the Madh Island side... drive down past the kitschy goddess temple... 5 star resorts... INS Hamla etc to reach the ferry at Malad to take you to the other side to reach Manori.

Beside saving you a good 2 hour (atleast) by road its just the sheer thrill of sharing boat rides with a motley crowd consisting of office going women from the koli community and urbanites willing to take the unusual route that might just get you to give your car a miss on your next trip to Manori.

Have a good one - Vash

Deepa said...

Sounds cool, so it's two boat rides? I should try this sometime!

Jai said...

perhaps i am being a little dumb, but what is the Mumbai Magic enterprise?