Monday, November 01, 2010

Hair can be so annoying!

- By Aishwarya Pramod

I've always wanted long hair - long, lustrous, wavy/straight black hair. But my hair's never been very long - a short bob or a boy cut when I was tiny, and just past my shoulders in high school and college.

It's not for lack of trying to grow it, though. You see, my hair goes through an annoying cycle, which seems to force me to keep it permanently short.

The cycle has four stages:


I have short hair in this stage. I get my mom to massage oil into my scalp every time before I shampoo it, which is twice a week. It's really shiny, healthy, glossy. No hairfall or anything. At this stage, I'm convinced that my hair will be able to grow long and strong.

I have great hopes for you, hair :D


My hair's grown a little longer, so it needs more care. I really should oil and shampoo as regularly as I did when it was short, BUT I've grown lazy :(

Plus, somehow in this stage, there's usually some kind of distraction like an upcoming exam, for which I need to study furiously 3 weeks in advance, or a trip outside Mumbai to a place that doesn't have hot water or enough time for mum to sit and massage oil into my scalp. So I skip the coconut oil and shampoo directly. Sometimes I don't even use conditioner. :O

This happens a few times, but I tell myself "You've been very regular with the oil upto now, it's ok if you miss it this time." (Big mistake, btw.)

I can't really focus on my hair HERE, can I?


My hair decides it's payback time and revolts. Hairfall, split ends, general destruction. I desperately get my mum to massage coconut oil into it every 3 days, but it's too late.

Oil Massage


I hate my hair. I'ts thin and shapeless. I have to get it cut.

I give up! Time to head for the salon.

I get it cut short, and then I'm back at Stage 1!

This four stage cycle thing has happened to me thrice. :| Wow.

This time I swear I will take care of you, hair. I would have been at Stage 3 (desperation) right now, but thankfully, stage 2 (complacency + lack of time/energy to oil stage) wasn't as bad as the previous times. So I'm going to get it cut, but only to shape it a bit so I can grow it long. This is a whole new Stage for me B-)

Anyway, a bit about hair oil:

I use Parachute coconut oil sometimes, and sometimes I use a special ayurvedic oil prescribed by a Vaidyan (ayurvedic doc). No idea what's in it - medicinal plants I guess.

Every time before I shampoo, I sit down on the floor with a book while my mom (or if my mom's busy, the maid) sits on a chair behind me and massages the oil into my scalp for 15 - 20 minutes. I sit with the oil in my hair for an icky hour, then I shampoo and condition. The cleanliness feels good after the oil.

I'm convinced that the secret to good hair is regular use of coconut oil. It's supposed to be very good for hair (and skin). I really think that if I ever have healthy long hair, it will be thanks to coconut oil. And lots of it, regularly.

My weapon of choice!


The Wandering Mente said...

Good tips, Aishwarya! The good old Parachute is always reliable.

SPWS said...

Coconut oil is the best to achieve that long, lustrous and dark hair. In our country, most women used it for their hair. reviews

Unknown said...

oh I too have the same problem you mentioned, and go through the same four stages.. I had long hair but had cut too short during my college days and now haven't been able to grow.

I find too many similiar things happening (maybe its because of the south Indian common factor) eg. we too prepare the same herbal oil which was mentioned in your blog sometime back.

Shobna said...

Haha! That was good. I think you are suffering from the 'sh' problem. Typified by a belief that adjectives like lush, lustrous, luscious is better applied to one's own hair rather than forests and strawberries. 'Sh' is directly related to watching too many shampoo, oil and conditioner ads ;)
Try flat beer when your hair is long for shine and softness and/or aloe vera gel - straight from the plant to keep it in place.

Anonymous said...

Why does someone else have to do the massaging?

Inky Pinky said...

LOL..Liked ur post and its comforting to know that I'm not the only one stuck in the optimism to desperation routine :D

Pl check out my post on similar lines..

Athira said...

Y u r giving tiz much care 2 ya hair??? Dat may b d reason 4 not becoming it too long...

Haddock said...

The good old coconut oil massage was the best I suppose.

Penelope Potty Snooper said...

Good hair is depends on good genes! Don't worry your hair looks great. Desperation only makes hair fall. Keep smiling and watch it grow.

ApoorvA said...

what you eat definitely reflects your scalp health which directly concerns the health of your hair.
so keep a watch on what you eat.
I agree with the old good suits the Indian hairtype perfectly.

Srivalli said...

That's a good one daughter is going through the growing and not taking care stage..:(..I am not able to spend time doing all that you listed..will have to do something soon..

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read your post aloud and all of us ( tata , pati and I ) had a good laugh. Well written ! Look forward to more posts from you once your exams are done.

- Roopa

leslie said...

Thank you for sharing that the secret to good hair is regular use of coconut oil. Yes It is very good for the hair (and skin). Aloe Vera extract also can really help you to have a healthy hair and scalp. reviews