Monday, July 14, 2008

Fabric Therapy

Let's face it - spending two hours examining silks of various colours and shades can be very, very therapeutic.
Don't believe me? On a dull rainy day, when you're feeling down, head over to any of Mumbai's large covered fabric markets. Settle down in one of the many little shops, and watch as the magic unfolds. Service is unfailingly excellent, and the men at the stores have endless patience. Oh and they also have surprisingly good taste, and an expert eye for colour. They'll help you find exactly what you want.
You don't need more than 500 rupees in your pocket, so this has got to be the cheapest therapy ever. And I promise, you'll come out of market with a little jaunty something in your walk!
My personal favourite is Mangaldas Market, where there are rows and rows of little shops, housed inside one larged covered bazaar. While we were inside the bazaar, it started pouring outside. The rain made a pleasing tattoo on the tall roof; I felt snug and dry as I examined yards and yards of fabric.
The nicest thing about Mangaldas, actually, is that you can have a thali lunch at Rajdhani after your little shopping expedition. This is the 'original' Rajdhani; the first restaurant that was set up before it became such a popular chain. It is just across the road from Mangaldas and is airconditioned, thank God. These days they have a guy in a turban to open the door.
By the time we finished lunch, we were in that pleasant daze that only good shopping and great food can bring on. Honestly, this has got to be among the best ways to spend a rainy afternoon in Mumbai! Go on! Try it! And if you need motivation, here are more pictures from my Fabric Therapy session.

Post Script, 2013: The Rajdhani restaurant is now called Revival, and the thali still rocks.


Rada said...


And surely, the male equivalent of the "silk therapy" could be "gadget therapy"! You know, a store like Chroma with all those shiny steel chrome stuff on a rainy day..Ah! Heaven!

Btw..your shot of the thali was so good, it made me hungry just looking at it!

CanisLupus said...

some fabrics and colors are meant for each other and that deep salmon color on silk is gorgeous.

beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. I was hoping the post would be longer and more descriptive of what was obviously a treat for the senses.

Deepa said...

Sigh, yes I know, I wanted to write more about the fabrics and post more photos as well. Then I remembered the Rajdhani photo and got sidetracked and that was that. I think I'll write a longer version for

Anonymous said...

The thali pic is making me drool :)

Anonymous said...

Makes me hungry :)

Anonymous said...

of yes, the fabrics can fill my stomach sometimes..

Bobby said...

Hey great post! can i find embroided fabric at mangaldas market? Im visiting mumbai and looking for beaded embroided fabric