Saturday, July 19, 2008

Elephant Mania at Lalbaug

I was driving past Lalbaug today, and here's what I saw: Complete and Total Elephant Mania!
They were assembling several more elephants in the compound nearby (at least 7-8 more). I think they're going to place them all along the road. If you go over the Lalbaug flyover, you'll get a great view of all the elephants being lined up. So hurry! Find some excuse to drive on that route!
Looks like this year's Ganesh Chaturthi is going to be very grand indeed. Lalbaugcha Raja is truly going to be a raja!


Ravi Ramakantan said...

Yes. I too saw it on Friday evening.
Surely, larger than life elephants. Looked Grand. Apparently, it is their Platinum Jubilee year; the crowds and traffic snarls are going to be unimaginable and perhaps the collection too.

Rohan Venkat said...

Just remembered,

I've had 3 friends do the Mumbai Local tour in the past few weeks and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

Second Ravi Ramakantan point, there will be a huge rush as usual. Thanks for pic.

Ravi Ramakantan said...

Still about two weeks to go for the Ganesh Chaturthi and the traffic jams have already started.

It is literally going to be holy mess in the days to come.

But, in our great city, each to his own!