Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yep. It's raining in Mumbai!

This photo is for my cousin Anjali, who lives in Ohio now. She gets nostalgic about Mumbai sometimes, and makes intermittent attempts to come back.
The floods are crazy these days, Anju. All it takes is a little rain for the flooding to begin.
Do you remember when school closed because of floods? Did you go ever go walking from school to home in a flood? I did once, and the highlight was that I found a dead cockroach floating in the water under King's Circle bridge, and totally freaked.
During yesterday's rains, I saw this woman walking - she had such a look of disgust on her face that it brought back those cockroach memories! As a matter of fact, I can still see the floating wings in my mind and that bloated brown body...aaaaaaaargh I'm freaking out again already!
Anju's parents are on their way to India this month, after several months in the US. So this second photo is for them.

Welcome back to Mumbai! The Rain Gods are waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i do remember the rains but in a good way. i have always loved the sound of heavy rain, the kind you can hear in bombay during the monsoons. that sound induces the best sleep.

and i remember rainy school days when we used to wait for your dad to tell us if he is going to close down school or not. talk about being privileged!

thanks for the post deepa. we had some pretty torrential rains in cincy last week and i was thinking about bombay's rainy season and garam chai and pakoras.

Anonymous said...

that water makes me want to have some dirty wet fun

Deepa said...

Gross, pankaj, gross. There are dead rats in it, ok?

Unknown said...

HI ,
I am coming from NY on june 20th to mumbai at 10:30 pm , is it possible to check in my baggage for the next day morning flight of Indian airlines to vizag at the same airport at the same time after customs .
A family of 2+2 , can we get any decent accomodation for the night , if so can you mumbaites pl advice .
I appreciate your help . Sorry to use this blog for this purpose . Please feel free to delete if it is inappropriate . my email

Deepa said...

If you post this query on the tripadvisor Mumbai forum, I'll answer it there. I am one of their Destination Experts for Mumbai.

Luke said...

Its horrible during monsoon

but still their is that paradox about this place

it makes u feel nice.....