Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sago Story

I finished my meeting in Nariman Point by 12:30. I was starving, but the next meeting was in Worli at 1:00. There was no time for a sit-down lunch, and I really didn't feel like eating the usual vada-pav or bhelpuri.

"Let's stop for a minute at Babulnath", I told the driver. I had Dave Farsan Mart in mind.

Dave is pronounced Duh-whey, in case you didn't know. Farsan is the Gujarati word for tea-time snacks. Dave Farsan Mart is a little hole in the wall outfit, but God, their farsans are delicious. As usual, there were people at the counter, buying stuff by the kilo.
I bought myself a plate of sabudana vada. Well, I say plate, but really, it was a cup. With two piping hot vadas, and a pale green chutney. By the time I got to my next meeting, I was smiling a happy smile.

These days, I've been having a rather passionate affair with sabudana. My maid makes brilliant sabudana khichdi for breakfast. I'll post photos here, soon as I find them. They're here somewhere on my PC.


Anonymous said...

Always wondered how Sago is produced

Deepa said...

I did a lot of reading about it some time ago - it is made of tapioca in India, and the big market for it is Coimbatore. There's something called Sagoserve in Coimbatore which is like a commodities exchange or something.

kalpakam said...

Hi Deepa,

Good Blog . Actually came across while surfing for Dave farsan mart . I reside in Dubai right now but then Mumbai is home . Would love to visit Dave farsan mart the next time I am in Mumbai . Could you give me the direction to reach there if I were to come from Sion.
Thanks - kalpakam

Unknown said...

Thanks for ur great feedback.
Hrishikesh Dave