Sunday, June 19, 2022

In which Amma gets a smart phone

Yesterday Amma got her first smart phone. What a fun morning calling everyone! 

The best call was to me, from one room to another! "Hello, who is speaking?" "Amma, it's me, Deepa." "Oh is that you?" And a long fake conversation after that in the Queen's English on useless topics! Just like kids playing "telephone-telephone".  

My sister Roopa clicked this pic 

But more seriously, it made me painfully aware that one day, I too will be tech-challenged. I too will be slow to push the right buttons or read a scrolling screen quickly enough. Already I am on the edge of that. Although, I must confess, starting a new online business has taught me new some skills! I can now make insta reels and what not. Still...the day when I get both outdated and slow is not far away. 

The most painfully beautiful thing about being near an aging parent is one's acute awareness of one's own future. I have my mother's body structure and temperament. Will I also have her frailties?

- Deepa


Thiagarajan said...

What a real life statement. One day all of us will be technically challenged!

Hels said...

Being technologically challenged is a direct consequence of the generation we were born in. I was born after WW2 and have to ask my grandchildren for help with computers and mobile telephones. But then I have to help them with grammar, spelling and essay writing :)

Anonymous said...

Food for thought!!

Anonymous said...

Yes challenges and beauty are for all. I recall my mum not knowing which way to hold the phone.... today I do not have the privilege to be able to help her. Treasure the moments.

Prabha Krishnan said...

You will inherit her frailties sure. But also her strength. Now that’s nothing to be sneezed at.

Anonymous said...

Auntie is a rockstar and I am her #fangirl ! It's so true that living with the elderly gives us insight into our own future