Sunday, June 28, 2009

You know it's the monsoon when...

...the sea is a sullen brooding brown even when the sky is bright blue.
The tip of Malabar Hill, where the curving Backbay begins
The rest of the curve - Backbay Reclamation
Photos from the Club floor of the Trident, Nariman Point. What an amazing view!


Anuradha Shankar said...

great pics! always wanted to photograph this view, but as it happens, i always forget my camera when i go there!

Georg Jahnsen said...

Great shots. Great blog! So: it's the urban dust and waste from 9 long months that makes the sea look muddy and dirty.

bellybytes said...

What great pix! My favourite part of the city.

Deepa said...

Actually Georg, the sea doesn't look like this except in the rainy season. So it can't be the urban dust and waste from 9 months?

Of course, the sea is quite polluted in Bombay, but usually it is a greyish blue.

Pramod said...

I think the colour is due to the heavier discharge into the coastal waters by rivers and streams, and consequent desilting and suspended particles in the wayer

Bhavika said...

hello, I really like your blog, can just read on, very enjoyable and pleasant style of writing :)

Unknown said...

Lovely photo Deepa!! it reminds me of home :) so rare that you see that pure blue sky!
take care,