Friday, May 01, 2009

Postcards from Kerala - Day 1

Four magical days in Kerala. Deepa, Pramod and Marco.
Here's Day 1, at Marari Beach Resort, Alleppey.

The beach was private and very quiet. There was a security guard who walked the stretch - maybe because the sea was a little rough and they wanted to keep an eye on the few guests who were in the water.

The three of us spent some time sitting under the tree - but soon realised it was better to sleep! So we got ourselves some beach towels and spent a blissful 45 minutes snoozing under the tree. I saw a kite flying overhead.

Pramod and I wake up - and a classic Bollywood pose is born!


Anonymous said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

Kerala looks beautiful!!

Anju said...

are you vacationing with two men?! :)

Deepa said...

Ha! Yes Anju, I am, Aishu dropped out!

Oasis World said...

Deepa! Great to see you relax in Vembanad like a tourist for a change!Must have been hot in Kerala this time?........ while we enjoy Delhi at a cool 43 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!

Prachie said...

Hi Deepa

Accidentally found your blog while searching something on Google/images

I must say..loved your blog

its very Positive! and fresh! and simple

keep writing..
have joined your blog so will get the updates

Tried searching about you though in "about me" didnt find

what do you do?

Elorac said...

Hi Deepa, I found your blog by accident while browsing and would like to commend you for a brilliant job.your knowledge is amazing , your photos beautiful, I am visiting India in October and have been looking forward to it for neatly a year but now I am itching to get there after reading a lot of your blog (my husband just asked if we are ever going to eat tonight) I have been absorbed for hours
Cheers Carole