Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mystery Goddess

I found a poster of this goddess in Null Bazaar, right next to the vegetable section.

Anyone know who she is? I can't tell.

She was in a shop selling ceremonial stuff for weddings - incense sticks, little plastic coconuts, paper flowers and other tinselly stuff.

I think it is the Goddess Gauri, but I can't figure out what the parrots are all about.

The design on the forehead suggests she is Maharashtrian. So does the nose-ring. It is a strange poster, half drawing, half-tinsel, with a real nose-ring, and a real mangalsutra round the neck. Looks like something someone would place or gift during a wedding ceremony.

Null Bazaar has a big community of fisherwomen who have stalls in the fish-and-meat section. You think this is something to do with them?


CanisLupus said...

Instead of being a picture of any particular "goddess", could it be a representation of a woman as a supreme being ? Do the Nath, the green and red clothes, the sindoor and the leaves (despite the ghastly color scheme) suggest fertility ? Parrots for knowledge and intelligence, perhaps ? And the size of that lady, does it represent strength ?(btw, her Nath and size reminds of me of my fish monger back in Pune. Big, loud, foul mouthed and an absolute delight to do business with)

Deepa said...

You've proposed some interesting theories, so I suppose I'll have to go ask at the market next time I'm there! The Mumbai Magic Chor Bazaar Walk goes to this market, so I'll ask the guides to find out next time.

Jaya said...

Even I think instead of goddess, it is actually a potrait/picture of a highly respected fisher woman for yester years. Maybe she brings good luck? Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

the fishmonger it is. familiar picture if you visit the kolis in the fishing community.


parotechnics said...

this is a great picture...
I happened on your blog while doing some research on tadgolas. Just wanted to say it's a lovely blog and I really enjoyed reading bits of it.

Deepa said...

I went back to Null Bazaar, to the same shop. There was a BIG crowd of Koli fisherwomen at the shop, buying tinselly stuff for a wedding.

uk said...

The name of this Goddess is 'JIVATI',
it is believed that this Goddess protects the small children of the house from evil.

the pooja is performed on any friday in Hindu month of Shravan. There is no specific pooja as such, but there is aarti or rhymes are sung in front of her.