Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Taadgola Man

Ever since I posted about the Bhandaris and their affinity for toddy palm trees, I've wanted to find a taadgola seller. The taadgola is the fruit of the toddy palm tree, and is a great heat buster.

I finally found a taadgola man, sitting on the roadside, near the entrance to Siddhi Vinayak temple. He was busy slicing open taadgolas for visitors to the temple.

If you haven't eaten a taadgola before, imagine the soft flesh of a tender coconut, but slightly firmer, with a transparent sweetish liquid inside it. You bite into the flesh and the liquid squirts and squelches into your mouth.

It's perfect for Mumbai's hot summer. And if you want to transform it into high cuisine, try this really easy recipe:
Cut the fruit into small cubes. Sprinkle sugar and cardamom powder. Chill. Bring out fancy little dessert bowls, and serve it at a summer party. I bet your guests will love it!


Anonymous said...

I used to go regularly to one such guy near fashion street. Rs 5 then. How much is it now ?

sambar42 said...

This is what is known as nangu in tamil?
I really miss that stuff..

Deepa said...

Nitya I didnt ask the price! I should have!

Sambar, Yeah this is nungu. My mum loves it.

- Deepa

Anonymous said...

We call them Munjal in Hyderabad.

Anonymous said...

We call it "Munjal" in Hyderabad

CanisLupus said...

Super!! good that you actually wrote about the nongu.

Its one of those things that has to eaten fresh! stand near the nangu/nongu (hey, my ancestors come from Palakkad) guy when he is splitting it open, and then eat it right there.

Never, ever buy the opened ones stored on the cart.

if you have to store it, wrap it in a wet cloth, but store only for a day.

split ones stored in the fridge, will become dry very soon and lose texture.

sambar42 said...

All this talk of nongu and the Matunga meal is making me seriously homesick :(. Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. By this talk i am enjoying the old memories of home town

Anonymous said...

what a fablous blog,iam coming to India in september,and i will be sure to keep up to date with your blog.It will help me to experience your culture people and food.Cant wait to eat my first nongu,please keep on bloging.