Friday, September 29, 2006

Navratri Twist

"Please come for haldi kumkum at our house on Friday", says the invitation.

It's a modern-day twist to a traditional i
nvitation, texted to my mobile phone.

I am constantly amazed at how we are adapting to new technologies and change. I wrote an earlier post on the cell phone and how it's changing the lives of tradesmen. Now here it is, once again staring me in the face, this time from a mother of two children.

The 'haldi kumkum' that she is inviting me to, is an annual feature among Tamilians during the Navratri festival. Tamil women celebrate this festival with elaborate displays of their doll and statue collections in their homes. Women of the community go to each other's houses, admiring the collections and the creativity with which they are displayed. It is a time for chit-chat, much singing, and of course, a time to display your new sari collection.

I went to another haldi kumkum yesterday, here is one photo from that visit. Each doll in the collection tells a story from mythology. I wish I could post all the photos, and tell all the stories!

- Deepa

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