Monday, May 17, 2010

Mumbai dying?

The Hindustan Times Brunch had an interesting article, comparing Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta.

The article suggests that while the 19th century belonged to Calcutta and the 20th to Bombay, the 21st century belongs to Delhi.

Do you think this is true? Is Mumbai on a downward slide? Does the 21st century belong to Delhi?

I summarised the article here; would love to hear comments: Delhi - 21st century city?


Anonymous said...

well seeing how delhi has progressed in terms of infrastructure develpoment with the cwg coming along Its no surprise really.mumbai is seriously lagging behind.

MagicalMumbai said...

Yes, Mumbai seems to be on the downside, with restrictions about its Night Life etc.. The infrastructure is much better in Delhi.

But East or West, Mumbai is always the Best :-)

Anonymous said...

Infrastructure in Mumbai is in horrendous shape. Lived in Mumbai for 21 years but now every time I come home for vacation, I spend one out of the two week vacation in Goa, Lonavla, Khandala, anywhere I can stay away from the madness. The other week is spent meeting family members. Andheri to Mulund in 3 hours? Who wants that?

Tejas Kaklotkar said...

For me 21st century will belong to Mumbai.It will always be "Jivachi Mumbai(Mumbai my life)" for me & all Mumbaikars...

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