Monday, May 10, 2010

Flamingoes at Sewri - unexpected bonus

- by Deepa Krishnan

I went to Sewri on Friday, and stumbled, literally stumbled upon *thousands* of flamingoes.

What a spectacle.

I've been to Lake Nakuru in Kenya, where they gather in larger numbers, but seeing these birds in my own backyard, so to say, was a totally different feeling.

Of course, this little photo does no justice at all to the scene. But if you click on it, I think you'll see a larger image, which is a little better.

In any case, what you see in the photo is only 20% of what I saw. What I saw was a total 360 degree scene, flamingoes everywhere on all sides and on the far shore as well.

It was all the more fabulous because it was completely unexpected. I thought the birds would be gone in May.

I am so pleased!


Haddock said...

I think its because of the big park nearby at Dharavi

Anu said...

apparently, some of the flamingoes linger till june, or rather till just before the rains should see the place in nov/dec... its a riot of pink!! and there are so many other birds there too, some even rarer ones!

Deepa Krishnan said...

Anu, I went four times this year, starting in November, and this is the best sighting I have had (when I least expected it). The other three times, they were massed at the far shore and we had to use strong binoculars to see anything at all.

Blogeswari said...

Wow! Please please call me next time you are going there. Its so close to my place, dunno how I missed such a spectacle