Saturday, May 08, 2010

Theo's Adventure Capitalists on BBC2

- by Deepa Krishnan

There's a new show on BBC2 this month, that I worked on. It's called Theo's Adventure Capitalists.

In the show, millionaire host Theo Paphitis helps three British companies launch their businesses in India.

The India episode will air on May 11, at 20:00 UK time.

Introduction and "let's explore the market together"

The three companies are:
  • Marmite - yeast-based breakfast spread - will we love it or hate it in India?
  • Luxury watch manufacturer Bremont - will it sell?
  • Regenatec, a company that sells kits that convert diesel engines to plant oil based engines. Will the idea even take off?
The bit I did was a general introduction to the Indian marketplace - mostly talking about food preferences, taboos, typical characteristics of buyers, etc. We also visited a home for a look at urban families, and cooked lunch together to give Theo a sense of how Indian kitchens are set up, and whether Marmite would find acceptance in this way of life.

Photos from the shoot - not sure what bits of this - if any - will finally make it to the screen, but it was fun doing it anyway:

At the Flower Market

The price of a pen (Theo owns Ryman the Stationer and was amazed at how inexpensive everything is in India)

Not everything is inexpensive :) Women will pay the world for things dear to their heart!

I think in this photo I was listing the defining characteristics of the Indian consumer. Not sure! Certainly my fingers seem to be counting out *something*!

Discussing real estate in Mumbai

Sweaty but happy after the cooking session (introduction to an Indian kitchen, typical cooking style, figuring whether Marmite will find acceptance)


iamyuva said...

;) so you are a celebrity now..

Aadil said...

So you are getting Marmite into Indian kitchens? Good to hear about your BBC adventures!!!

Kalpana said...

..Saturday afternoon blog hopping landed me to your article just as i was wondering what the INDIA episode on Theo's Adventure Capitalists is going to be like.Good to know about your role in the show..Cant wait for the episode to air.Love the Dragon in his new adventure.,Marmite and Indian Kitchens... eh?!


Kalpana said...

..Just as i was wondering what the India episode on Theo's adventure capitalist was going to be like i come across your article.. Cant wait for the episode to air.. Marmite and Indian kitchens eh .. ?!

Bellybytes said...

I prefer Bovril!

Haddock said...

11th is tomorrow.
Will look out for it.

Sri said...

One concern would be the name Marmite - sounds not connected to food....sounds similar to Termite?

Joanna said...

Hi..I chanced upon this a little late...will the episode be aired again? Can u let em know when, plz? Email me on
Cheers n keep up the good work..

Ravi Ramakantan said...

Never too late to be happy and proud. Missed the show, but, congrats - all the same, Deepa!!