Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mumbadevi Jalebiwala: utterly drool-worthy jalebis

When a restaurant has only one item on the menu, you know it's got to be something pretty special. Especially if that restaurant was set up in 1897 and has been serving just one item since then!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I give you the 120 year old Mumbadevi Jalebiwala. Makers of the city's most drool-worthy jalebis!

Have you been there yet? Small little blink-and-miss-it place, near the Mumbadevi temple. Can you see the Jalebiwala board in red text in Hindi? Big signboard, but tiny shop underneath. It was a bit of a battle to get there on a busy Saturday evening; but it was worth it!
I got piping hot jalebis. Served with their papdi and papaya chutney. I asked if they would serve us bottled water, they said no. Thums up? Coke? Nope. Only jalebis and papdi. The jalebi still comes on a leaf; the papdi has moved to a recycled paper plate. Go. Eat. Enjoy.


Haddock said...

The sight of the Jalebi on the green leaf itself is tempting.

Denton Harryman said...

Wow ... 120 years ... One product ... Wow

krishna said...

When I was in Bombay, I lived in Nepeansea Sea Rd. For few months.. There was one sweet shop, people used to buy jalebes on Weekends. That was so popular, that chance of getting jalebes after 9:30 was extremely slim.. :)