Saturday, December 07, 2013

Santacruz Market Walk

- By Deepa Krishnan

A couple of days ago, I walked through Santacruz Market. It's great for photography, with lots of colour! There's a meat and fish market, a vegetable market, lots of spices and snacks, as well as fabrics and jewellery. I had only a camera-phone and I didn't really photograph everything in the market. But here are some photos of the food section.
Indoor market for vegetables
The fish market was nearby, with a busy looking kolin inviting me to check out the day's catch. There were a couple of men selling dried fish as well. 

Neatly slicing with her curved fish-knife
The meat market was gross as usual, dirty and bloody. I walked quickly past it. I think Mumbai customers should make more of a fuss about how the meat is displayed and sold. No wonder people are buying super-market meats! It was a relief to come out to the open street.
General street view: The awnings of the shops offer protection from sun and rain
Jalaram Stores, selling tea-time snacks
Pickle and spice shop
Leafy vegetables being arranged. The daily stock arrives in jute bags and is cleaned and presented on bamboo baskets.
Several spice shops sell fried stuff. This shop had a board advertising various types of fresh-ground flours. Looks like pasta is very popular in Santacruz!
As usual, the most fragrant thing was coriander.

The coriander stall also had fenugreek and mint, as well as chillies, garlic, lemongrass, fresh turmeric, ginger and amba-harad. I was very tempted to buy some amba-harad for pickling, but I had a deadline and lots of other work in the market, so I reluctantly walked away. 
The winter fruits were interesting too. They deserve a whole post of their own!

I'm definitely going back to Santacruz Market. Next time, I'll photograph the fabric markets and the little stalls that sell embellishments for sarees and salwar kameez.  And I'll see what else I can find. What a fabulous market it is. I think a new bazaar walk may be coming up!


Sassy Fork said...

must come for a walk with you one day

Deepa Krishnan said...

You are very welcome!

Akshay Anaokar said...

Dear Deepa...

Just finished watching the Foodie episode with Kunal Vijaykar featuring you and Janaki Ma'am... It was simply awesome.. It was great to watch both of you!

I have been following your blog for more than 3 years now and I just love it... Got to know so many thngs about my own city... Keep up the great work!!

Warm regards,