Thursday, July 11, 2013


- By Deepa Krishnan

Anda-Pav (Baida-Pav) is one of Mumbai's lesser known delights.

I clicked this photo on one of the main thoroughfares in Dharavi, where many people were wolfing down this snack happily.
Anda = Egg, Pav = Bread
Anda is also called Baida.

I think the word Baida has Hyderabadi origins.
It comes in two forms: aamlet-pav (green chillies and onions flavoured omlette, stuffed in a bun) or a tava-fried hard-boiled egg stuffed inside a bun. 

The aamlet-pav is only 5 rupees, making for a great breakfast or evening snack. The hard-boiled egg with pav is 10 rupees. There is a green chutney which goes with it, it is applied inside the pav before placing the egg. 

The pav (bun) is freshly baked in the many local bakeries in the area.

Simple, inexpensive and smashingly tasty. 


The Nostalgia Reviver. said...

Hi Deepa,

Its been a while since we read anything from you on the history of about a piece on this?

alpa said...

Hi Deepa,
Just had to tell you - I LOVE your blog!!! I love your writing style, all the photos you put up, and I love how you have included your mother and daughter. I read your entire blog in 3 days! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes of Mumbai!

ula said...


Where is that place in Dharavi?