Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Cutting" tea at Lalbaug

This is one of my favourite photos from Lalbaug: it's a local tea shop where we stopped for chai.
"Cutting chaha", tea served by the half-glass. Now at 6 rupees, and please don't even *bother* asking for the tea if you don't have exact change :)
In case you can't read Marathi, here's what the signboard says. "A request: If you don't have the exact change, then check with us *before* you order tea". On the last line of the sign, for regular customers the shop offers a "bank" where change is held in trust - until the next cup.

Attitude + customer service, all in one signboard. Wah re Mumbai! 


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

About change: it is partly true that it is in short supply. However, when you tell a shopkeeper with a blank face that you have none after proffering a 50 or 100 rupee note, they usually come up with the change. this so even at the checkouts in big stores like more, Big Bazaar, D-Mart etc', even towards the end of the day.

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