Friday, February 01, 2013

Mistress of spices? :) :)

- By Deepa Krishnan

The Jan issue of India Today has a photo of me on a walk through the incense and spice market at Null Bazaar. This is part of a story from their India Today Woman supplement, about how food trails are becoming very popular in India.
In their wisdom, the editors have decided to title this photo "Mistress of Spices". Oh well :) :)

Here's what I said in the article:
Krishnan feels food walks are becoming popular as the very nature of travel is changing. "People want more immersive experiences. For example, India is associated with many rich smells - spices, incense, sandalwood, the fresh smell of coriander as you walk around a market. When you stop and linger to experience these fragrances, then you are really seeing the country. Walking through a local bazaar, embracing it with all your senses, is the most elemental way of immersing yourself in a new culture," says Krishnan.


TaNuja said...

COngrats for this and you seem to be one perfect women for this. :)

Tanuja :)

சுபத்ரா said...

Congrats! :)