Friday, July 13, 2012

One rainy evening at Bandra Fort

- By Deepa Krishnan

The old Portuguese fort in Bandra is one of Mumbai's favourite hangouts in the rain.  

There's a fantastic breeze, with great views of the Arabian sea and the Worli Sea-link. Families, college kids, lovers, everyone comes here to hang out in the evenings. Naturally, the bhelwalla does brisk business.
Seen from the top of the fort, the tad palms and the sea remind you of Mumbai's original landscape, as it existed before Bandra developed and grew into what it is today.
In the 1640s, the Portuguese built a fort here, called Castella de Aguada - the Castle of Water.
The fort is still there, and it has unbroken views of the Sea Link which is behind it.
Further down the road, you can see folks hanging out near Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat. There's a little garden here, nice for spending time with friends, plus the added bonus of a possible star sighting. The cafe nearby has windows with sea views.
Along the Bandstand promenade, there are lots of people walking, sitting, talking, kootchy-kooing...I decided not to click photos of the many romances - didn't want to get any of them into trouble! There are lots of pretty girls around, adding to the glamour quotient of the place. Check it out sometime!


Akshay Iyer said...

Hehe :) . The Bandra Fort is one of the neglected forts. If you go to the amphitheatre side, you can even spot the Mahim Fort. However, Worli Fort is the best place to get an uninterrupted and complete view of the Sea Link.

indian yarn said...

20 years ago, this place especially when you climb the hillock was a ghost town with the burnt hotel bldg around. I was surprised at the crowd the last time I was around.

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