Friday, January 08, 2010

Mumbai on their mind

The three of us got featured on Harmony Magazine (you know, the one Tina Ambani owns) recently. Mom and I enjoyed the photo-shoot at my home. Aishwarya co-operated, but barely :) The article is reproduced below, I thought it was well written.

Mumbai on their mind

A family blog that brings together the past, present and the future

The family that 'blogs' together stays together. You are tempted to rewrite the old proverb when you meet 70 year-old Janaki Krishnan; her daughter, Deepa, 40; and granddaughter Aishwarya, 16. The three share a group blog:

Though it was Deepa who came up with the idea in 2006, Aishwarya and Janaki started contributing a year later. Janaki, a retired teacher, was inspired to write actively when her first article on Mumbai's Koliwada market was published in HT Café, the daily supplement of Hindustan Times.

The blog, in essence, is a paean to Mumbai, featuring little-known streets and monuments: the obscure Jewish synagogue in Masjid Bunder; the vegetable market in Vashi; a tiny attar (perfume) shop in Crawford Market; the knife sellers in Zaveri Bazaar. Many posts related to places are written by Deepa, who organises city tours through her firm Mumbai Magic Tours. Janaki's writings are steeped in nostalgia and interesting details of everyday life: the 'season' of making pickles; remembering her mother on Mothers' Day; oil baths of yore; and finding the perfect banana to match her family's diverse taste. And Aishwarya, who believes her grandmother is her "emergency number", writes about everything from travelling in local trains to taking riding lessons and monsoon in Mumbai. All three often discuss possible subjects for the blog and have inspired more members in their family to write. "My uncle wrote a funny piece about people falling asleep in Mumbai trains and my grand-uncle wrote about a rare flower that bloomed in a terrace garden near his house," says Aishwarya.

Harmony magazine, Nov 09


Blogeswari said...

Congratulations! Naaice!

Bellybytes said...

Congrats! I wondered where you guys were. Great to know you've surfaced. Happy New Year

Trendsetters said...

missed you ppl..congratulations

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Lubna said...

Congratulations. I relocated back home to Mumbai after a stint of nine years in Bangalore. One of the first things I did was google for Mumbai-oriented blogs and found Mumbai Magic! I am so glad that something like this exists. Perhaps someday, I will participate in one of your tours, am sure it will be an eye opener even for a Bombayite.
Have a nice weekend.

bee!!! said...

grt blog .. must say best one in a long time now .. women power .. loved it ... hope the stuff keeps pouring in always ..

Sapna said...


Congrats to all three of you. Women Empowerment at its best i think!!!

I loved the blog and the subjects it covers. Looking for more from you all.

Mumbai local train timetable said...

Lovely blog..your family is!!