Saturday, July 04, 2009

You know it's the monsoon when...(3)

...everything's covered in blue!

Motorbike parked in Sion - it was covered last evening to protect it from rain at night.
.Goods Tempo with blue tarpaulin lashed down.

Slum colony in Bandra
Make-shift blue roof at cinema complex

Verandah cover to protect the daily washing

This morning I saw a pav-wallah on a cycle, his bread was covered with a blue sheet. The temples have blue coverings. Shop awnings are blue. I saw an apartment block where the whole terrace was covered in blue. In Dharavi, there is a street where 4-5 shops do nothing but sell these blue sheets.

Keep your eyes open and you'll see bright blue just about everywhere!


Blogeswari said...

Isn't Mumbai beautiful during monsoons?

Great observation.
Lovely pics.

shewolftracker said...

Mumbai is the place to be during monsoon..Off course nobody wants to remember the deluge of 2005!
Like your simple observation and choice of images.
I have a nice image which you would want to see -

Kitty said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I read some of the older posts. Mumbai sounds like a very interesting place. I really like Indian textiles. I have been doing research on paisley shawls and other textiles. Mumbai seems to be a center for beautiful fabrics. I have found pictures of so many fabulous paisley shawls and scarves! Is there 1 area (bazaar) where alot of textiles are sold? Maybe your family bloggers will do a blog about Indian textiles one day? :-)

writerzblock said...

Very interesting! And thank God for the rains. ... they have not yet arrived in good ol' Chennai!

Pramod said...

...monsoon when you come back from tennis more muddy than sweaty !

Shalini said...

Loved the Blue all over and missed the feeling immensely, am a mumbaite trapped in Delhi !!!!

Winnowed said...

Great photos.

I really miss the monsoon. That's what I miss most about India!

I.G.I. said...

Wow! I'd LOVE to be able to be there during monsoon... But everybody tells me I'll get sick! I went once just after monsoon and I DID get VERY sick (the only time I got sick in India, in fact). Everybody (i.e. my in-laws and the "million" people who live in the same building) agreed it was the monsoon that made me sick... (???) So, basically, I am not welcome at my husband's family home during monsoon. And I am sure you know there is no way I can go to Mumbai and stay in a hotel or anywhere else (that's the biggest sin I could commit, I think!) So: I will have to keep just reading about it... :-(
Isabel, a Spaniard in love with India and married to a Mumbaiite

Kievas said...

Great photos, they bring back a lot of memories!

Sunita said...

Great post,Deepa. Mumbai is turning blue, isn't it? I hadn't noticed that... I was too busy glorying in the fact that it's turning green everywhere I look. (Obviously, we're looking in two different directions ;D )But I love, love, LOVE the monsoons! Never mind all the plastic we have to deal with; it's still the most beautiful time of the year for me :)

chocoliciousgal said...

Nice post...I totally miss mumbai during the monsoon...actually I always miss mumbai :)

Nice pics too

IdeaSmith said...

Okay your email address isn't visible on the blog. Can you mail me? We should catch up at the Wall Project this weekend! I'm ideasmithy [at] gmail.

Chetana said...

Hi Deepa,
u hv an excellent blog,enjoyed every bit & simply loved the blues...thinking of it i realise hw much i miss Mumbai.
Keep it up.

Ravish said...

Very nice observation!

Dhruti said...

Brilliant observation leading to a wonderful post...I just arrived from Bombay yesterday to the land of the oasis. Fortunately I embraced rains at Malabar Hills and Walkeshwar, the feeling was nothing but stupendoulsy splendid.

pchandran said...

Loved the Blue all over and missed the feeling immensely, am a mumbaite trapped in BBSR!!!!

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