Monday, December 01, 2008

Silver lining

Two cruise ships cancelled scheduled stops in Mumbai this week, so many of my tours could not run. Some business visitors have frozen travel to Mumbai, so that has also resulted in cancellations.
But over this past weekend, and this morning, something very nice has been happening. Individual travellers (who comprise most of my business) have begun to send me fresh tour bookings.
One lady says:
My beloved son (28) will be in India over the holidays. We want to support your country in spite of this horrific tragedy and not let the terrorists define our lives. My son is very interested in cultural life, religious traditons (.......) I read your website and would like to arrange some tours for him.
Another couple sent me this:
We are glad our trip is coming up in 2 weeks and will not let these terrorists interfere with our first visit to India and to Mumbai. We've heard so many wonderful things about your tours (and we feel like we know you already from your blog :) - We arrive in Mumbai on Dec 21nd and would love to schedule a bazaar walk for December 22nd if that would work.
There are still other emails that echo similar sentiments. When the first of these messages came in, I thought of it as a one-off case. Then, as more similar messages came in, they made me sit back and think. What do these tour bookings really say about us as humans?
Perhaps they show that when we are given a choice, human beings choose to react in ways that show the strength of the individual spirit. I think I learnt, in the nicest possible way this morning, that there are no "one-size-fits-all" answers to how we choose to live our lives.
What a unique species we are!


Anonymous said...

What is Aishwarya's reaction to the terror attacks?

Anonymous said...

You seem more worried about your tour cancellations. You are highly business minded and the rest is sugary talk. It sucks.

Deepa Krishnan said...

Anon 1, I think she's disturbed by it. We're having lots of discussions about who the "bad guys" are.

Anon 2, Of course I'm worried about tour cancellations. Are you suggesting I shouldn't be focusing on my businesses? Is that what you want me to do, run away from the problem? Sheesh. How moronic.

Sandhya said...

Everybody is and should be worried about business and not just sit and mourn! This is exactly what we don't want to and India, as always, will look forward and move forward.
Deepa, its so comforting to know that everyone is still visiting and the world is showing solidarity in these crazy times. I am starting to feel that good hearts definitely outnumber the bad ones and we will win over.
Good luck with your business, hope it blooms along side Mumbai.

umm oviya said...

first time here, thru blogeswari. anon2 chooses to see what he wants.
i think it's really wonderful people still want to come to india.
keep getting them in... that's going to help more than some idiotic moron who thinks you should not worry about your work.

Anonymous said...

where is mr Raj Thakre now??? somone please tell him that most of the NSG commandoes who saved mumbai, were from U.P. and Bihar......

Arunava ---- Saviour of Forests said...

Please do not mix politics with these times of crisis. At least praise the world that they are showing this solidarity during this turmoil at Mumbai. I am also from Bihar and my family members are settled in Mumbai for past three generations. I am a Media Analyst and wildlife photographer doing my research at Bangalore.

I know that Mr. Raj Thakrey has done wrong.... Even few years back Bihar turned violent against Bengalees. I am a Bengali that is why I pointed out this to you Mr. Anonymous. And please do have some sense in expressing gratitude to the outsiders (foreigners) who think India Can be a safe heaven for them when they come here for holidays.

I hope you understand. I am one of the bloggers from India who are responsible for monitoring the Blogspace, so please do refrain from harming people's solidarity in future, otherwise there are many ways known to us from where we can monitor you (even if you comment in the name of Anonymous) and put you to task. These kind of comments can only increase tension among communities. U r no less than a terrorist in that sense.

Arunava Das
Blogspace Moderator,
Google India

The Paradise Series said...

Yes, to answer your statement, we are a unique species. It goes beyond that. As in each individual, we are unique. We must fulfill our unique destiny because no person had ever been born exactly like the individual (me) and no one will ever be. Our genetic code in relation to our time and place, cannot be duplicated in any way. I loved your statement, and it gives rise to so many thoughts about what each person can do and the unique opportunity that unique person has to offer mankind. I have for many years written books for young people and it is my goal to offer good ideas, stretch the imagination and to give them hope for a better future.

Dr Robert E McGinnis
recent works, The Paradise Series
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Best of life to you and yours, travel your imagination, invest in life, promote youngsters and give of your talents to our world.