Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A thousand shades of Mango-Green

- by Deepa Krishnan
Mum and I went to the market this weekend. The little green mangoes were there in all their splendour, tempting me.
"I want to make mangakari", I said to mum. Mangakari, pickled green mango cut into little bits, is a summer favourite of mine. Snazzes up a meal like nothing else and leaves everyone wishing for more. So we set off to find the perfect green mango.
The mangoes were in different sizes - tiny, not-so-tiny, medium and largish. I walked around with mum looking for a largish size that would still have the special taste of unripe green. We rejected several larger mangoes that looked as if they would be sort of sweetish inside.
Finally we found a vendor who had just the perfect shade of green! He handpicked them for me - they were a little smaller than I would have wanted, so we'd have more effort in cutting, but at least they would be delicious.
And now to make the pickle. Watch this space!

Published in the Hindustan Times - HT Cafe - April 11, 2008


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This means aapoos season is not far behind. sigh!