Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Photos in the Inbox

This morning, I got these two lovely photos by email - they were from a Mumbai Magic bazaar walk last month.

Jennifer, Noa and Courtney - the three Americans in the first photo - were in Mumbai on work, and they came with me on an exploration of Bhuleshwar Bazaar. Jenn mailed me the pics.

In the second photo, that's me in white, and that's my friend Farida in green. Farida is one of the 'Magic ladies' who works with me as a guide. The five of us went walking in Bhuleshwar and Kalbadevi.

It was fun to go on the walk with three interested (and interesting!) young women. We dawdled in some places, walked faster in others, but there was a sense of exploration, of enjoyment. We stopped to examine small shops selling strange things, to photograph and to laugh. Okay, okay, I confess, we giggled a bit as well - but hey - what else do you do when you discover shocking pink bras and electric blue undies in conservative Bhuleshwar?

There are more photos of the walk at Noa's Yo! India blog. Here's her post on beads, jewellery and Indian innerwear. And here's Mirchi Galli, where we discovered mukhwas and masalas.

My favourite piece on Noa's blog, though, is this one - a video of a
Mumbai car ride.


venkat said...

did u get the photo I sent to your mumbaimagic account?

Deepa Krishnan said...

I did - all 3 MB of it :)

Tia said...

hi deepa, i am unable to read the blog yoindia. it says permission not granted...can you help?

Tia said...

are you the author of that blog?