Sunday, May 06, 2007

A day well spent

Mum and I went shopping in Matunga (sarees, what else, he he he). Two hours into shopping, we realised we were broke - and hungry. Both purses were examined thoroughly. Coins were collected. Old worn notes were smoothed out. Yes! We did have some money - a hundred rupees in fact! So we set off to Ramanayak at Kings Circle, to try the Udupi thali.

'The owner eats here' said a large sign-board inside the shop. I grinned to myself. Ah well, if it was good enough for them...We asked for the menu. Hmm... 35 rupees for the thali. Mum and I looked at each other in relief - we could afford this.

Here's what we got for our money (anti-clockwise, starting with the glass):
  • Glass of buttermilk, flavoured with ginger, coriander, green chili and salt
  • Cupful of semia-kheer, noodles in sweetened milk
  • Sour and Spicy Red Rasam, with tamarind and red chili powder
  • Bright Yellow Udupi-gravy-thingy-with-coconut
  • Light Yellow Dal seasoned with mustard, tomato and green chili
  • Beans sauteed with tomatoes and red chili
  • A really yummy potato dish, seasoned with cumin
  • Shredded cabbage salad
  • Green coconut and coriander chutney
  • Mango pickle
  • Piping hot puris, heaped in the centre of the plate
  • Rice and yoghurt, which they brought later
The food was simple, not very spicy. The buttermilk was sensational, and of course, nothing quite satisfies the Tamil soul as much as rice and yoghurt, eaten with mango pickle. I was hungry, and polished it all off satisfactorily. And then, loaded with sarees and a full stomach, we staggered to the car, and went home to sleep it off. All in all, a good afternoon.


anju said...

That sounds sensational. Sigh!

helga said...

Looks really tempting..(and bad timing since I was "starving".. already).
If THAT's what you call "simple" I'll take my chances and try out "the simple" precisely in that very place.
"Pricing" (35rp in this case..which you seem to consider an OK, quite low price price) as for "the average/normal" as in taking a coffee.. a fruit juice, buttermilk., a lunch like this, still fully puzzle me..:
Advices so far of no good at all..from "not to worry, I'll pay for you" to "anything between 25 and 2000) did not contribute to even a "rough idea"..about averages.
And while at it..what was the price of the last saree you/or yr mum got in Matunga?? (since that's what you were doing there..)

Deepa Krishnan said...

I bought six sarees, two for my mom and four for myself. For my mum I bought a printed silk (cream coloured with little black motifs) for INR 2000, and a beautiful Bengal cotton for INR 2000. For myself, I bought two crepe silk sarees at INR 2500 each to wear to work, and two inexpensive ones at INR 300 each.

- Deepa

Deepa Krishnan said...

Hey I'm crazy about sarees these days, OK?

Blame my mom, I've inherited the crazy-about-sarees-gene from her!

helga said...

I "fear" I will be on my way for "cream" silk with little black.. or even better if available..very dark red motifs..(to show off in..)- and I fear also for the attractive other stuff they might have there assuming I can move in a saree in any acceptable way. But I suppose that's not hat different from my long cotton "gypsy" skirts with lace..I don't need a tour guide in shopping.. I need a "watch dog"..whispering "luggage weight limits" my ear..every other step..

anu said...

It looks yummy. I'll definitely try the meal when I visit Matunga the next time. I buy sarees from Nallis at Matunga.

Deepa Krishnan said...

Hey Anu, it looks better than it tastes! We were really hungry though, that day, so I ate everything on my plate in 10 minutes flat.

The interesting thing about the thali is that there was no onion and no garlic in it at all. I read recently that the Udupi cuisine evolved in Madhavacharya's eight centres of religion, the Ashta Mathas of south India. Apparently this is Dvaita cuisine.

Anrosh said...

Seasonings and spices - making the combination work right - The world owes it to the Indians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa i cant wait to come to India,and try all the different cuisine.
Know what you mean about loving sarees i love to see women wearing them,i think it is because like you said they are so comftable,it gives a woman confidence and i like that.As a male i often wear kaftanns at home whilst relaxing and meditating

Nelson said...

Nallis is bad place to shop. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!